Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Why on earth is your blog named 'Red Lipstick'???"

Why on earth is my blog named “Red Lipstick”?

I’m sure my readers (all -4 of you, right?) have been wondering this exact thing. 
It’s for a number of reasons, actually. 
Reason One: It’s red lipstick.
To start, red lipstick is red lipstick. It’s just plain amazing. I’ve always loved it. My best friend and I would raid our moms’ makeup stashes, searching for that glamourous red. We still do this (but of course we both now have our own lipsticks, in multiple colors, shades, brands, styles, etc). To me, red lipstick has always symbolized glamour and allure. 

Our blue eyeshadow is almost as awesome as our red lips. Ashlie (the best friend) is on the left, I'm the other 6 year old.
Your perfect shade of red is treasurable because it is so simple, yet extravagantly elegant. I’ve worshiped my MAC Lustre Lipstick in “Rose Go Around” (which they don’t make any more, I have just found out) ever since the same best friend brought it to me, declaring, “This is YOUR red lipstick! Your perfect color!” 
(As a side note, the best friend’s favorite is Guerlain ROUGE G de Guerlain Lipstick in Greta).

Reason Two: It was worn in the 1940’s. 
40's-era Tangee lipstick advertisement.

Now, I don’t just like this color because it was extremely popular in the 1940’s, but because of what it stood for when it was at its prime. It showed that the women of the time were resilient. Just because their men were gone, they had to work long hours, and rationing was testing, didn’t mean they were going to lose all femininity. Women believed that they were women first, Army/Navy/Red Cross/factory volunteers second. So, they wore their fire engine red lipstick (hey- it was part of the “natural” look then. Things have changed, huh?). 
An American GI covered in red lipstick kisses on V-J Day.

It was also thought that the attractiveness of female volunteers was an important morale consideration aimed to boost the soldiers' spirits. 
Stunning Gene Tierney (Laura, 1944) made up in her own perfect red. How could a homesick GI resist her?

Which I’m sure it did.
The original Rosie the Riveter image was illustrated by famous Norman Rockwell and featured in the May 29, 1943 edition of the Saturday Evening Post. In the illustration, Rosie wore overalls, had some pretty hefty biceps, and had her feet firmly planted on Hitler’s Mein Kampf. And, of course, her lips were painted in red lipstick.
The original Rosie.
Reason Three: It is so gosh darned attractive.

The always lovely Anne Hathaway (in The Devil Wears Prada) sporting red lips. This has always been a favorite look of mine. 
With the right shade and application, any woman can look drop dead gorgeous. Not only does it make your teeth appear whiter, but it also instantly makes an otherwise understated look more appealing and va-va-voom. I never feel more confident than when I’m wearing my redder than red lipstick. I feel like a screen siren of the Golden Age of Hollywood-- impeccable hair, freshly pressed clothes --all because of the color decorating my lips.
Next time you wear your favorite red lipstick, notice how you stand a bit taller and smile a bit wider.
That’s just the red workin’ its magic.

Have a dazzling day : )


  1. Great post Michelle! Love the pic of you and Ash! Nothing has changed. LOL!